ChromaFlo imaging

ChromaFlo is available on Philips Volcano Core integrated, Core Mobile, s5, and s5i systems and provides easy assessment of stent apposition, lumen size, and more. ChromaFlo imaging highlights blood flow red at the touch of a button.
ChromaFlo is appropriate for peripheral and coronary vessels, including left main, bifurcations, superficial femoral artery, and iliac. It is designed to make lumen size and stent apposition instantly recognizable and helps identify branches, dissections, thrombus, and plaque distribution in bifurcations. ChromaFlo is compatible with Philips Volcano’s Eagle Eye Platinum plug-and-play digital IVUS catheters and Visions PV .018 and .014 catheters.

Simple to use

Simply press the button on the console to activate ChromaFlo.

Easy image interpretation

ChromaFlo highlights blood flow red to identify:
  • Lumen size
  • Stent apposition
  • Plaque orientation in bifurcations
  • Dissections
  • Thrombus
chromaflo imaging
ChromaFlo imaging is automatically co-registered with grayscale IVUS, allowing full observation of plaque burden, calcium, and the vessel wall.

Compatible IVUS catheters

ChromaFlo works with Philips Volcano’s fast, plug-and-play Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheter, Eagle Eye Platinum ST and Visions PV .018 and .014 catheters. No flushing and no special procedures are required during imaging.

Related technologies

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    Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)

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    VH IVUS imaging provides a colorized tissue map of plaque composition with automated lumen & vessel measurements.*

* Safety and effectiveness of VH IVUS for use in the characterization of vascular lesions and tissue types has not been established