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The next generation of OncoSuite

OncoSuite, featuring AlluraClarity FD20, introduced the first complete solution for minimally invasive tumor embolization and percutaneous ablation procedures in interventional labs. At CIRSE 2016, we showcase the next generation of OncoSuite advanced imaging support.

OncoSuite XperCT Dual, the next evolution of XperCT, combines high-resolution multiple lesion detection with the display of feeding vessels in a single DualView. Its Wiper Movement allows one-click DualPhase acquisitions with XperCT Dual to visualize arterial and post-arterial (delayed) phases of contrast injection. These images provide superb insights into perfusion dynamics and support fast assessment at tableside.

The Open Trajectory or ‘open arc cone beam CT’ is Philips innovative XperCT Dual acquisition technique. It moves beyond typical spine-centered imaging to off-centered 3D imaging, which is particularly beneficial for visualizing and detecting peripheral liver lesions.

Through collaboration with BTG Interventional Medicine, XperCT Dual offers optimized image acquisition protocols for LC Bead LUMI™ radiopaque embolic beads. Using Live Image Guidance to control deployment of the beads during tumor embolization supports targeted delivery of the embolic material and control of the treatment endpoint.

*Availability of BTG’s LUMI Beads may be subject to clearance of the local regulatory authorities. Please check with your local BTG representative for the availability in your region.

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