Philips Capital

Public partnership

Public-private partnership (PPP)


Philips has extensive experience in playing a technology partner role in healthcare PPPs designed to enhance clinical outcomes, patient and clinician experience while, at the same time, lowering the cost of care. Philips Capital can support PPPs with customized financing.

Typically in a PPP, a government enters a long-term offtake agreement with a special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed by a consortium of private players to deliver services to the public in return for a committed or minimum revenue stream. Based on our experience across multiple projects, Philips Capital can support in raising both debt and equity at SPV level for such structures.

Customer partnership

Customer partnership funding


Together, Philips and Philips Capital boast a rare blend of technical healthcare knowledge and financing expertise, combining a unique innovative spirit with decades of hands-on experience. As a result, you receive an exceptional level of service and consultancy for both your healthcare needs and the financing requirements that go along with them. Philips can facilitate customized financing for you beyond plain vanilla financing offerings to more advanced alternatives such as equity participation.