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Collaboration Live for tele-ultrasound
Remote access with diagnostic confidence

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Extend your team without expanding it

Philips Collaboration Live lets users quickly and securely talk, text, screen share and video stream directly from the ultrasound system to a PC or mobile device*, allowing you to extend your team without expanding it.** Give care team members access to on demand experts for real-time remote clinical diagnosis* with  system control, decision support on complex exams and training on care protocols. Now your team can finally be in multiple places at once, allowing you to enhance patient and staff experiences, improve workflow efficiencies and drive better outcomes.

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How do we organize resources, operations and workflow priorities to effectively increase capacity/throughput and enhance patient diagnostic access?

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How can I enhance the patient and staff experience while ensuring the standardization of care regardless of location?

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How can I prepare for the new normal post-COVID-19?

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How can we avoid missed and delayed diagnoses which contribute to about 10% of patient deaths?

A 30-patient study demonstrates major benefits of Collaboration Live
  • Collaboration Live enabled 100% of patient consultations to be conducted using tele-health2
  • 100% of patients felt they had better access to healthcare through tele-health delivered with Collaboration Live2
  • Physician assessment found that 90% of consultations were equivalent to an in-person visit2

Collaboration Live – What is it?

Collaboration Live access to your team video

Learn how Collaboration Live helps teams connect regardless of location

Learn how Collaboration Live helps teams connect regardless of location

  • Remotely connect with staff in real time during an exam
  • Respond instantly to a question or concern from anywhere with PC or mobile device access*
  • Drive workflow efficiency through standardization
  • Save valuable personal protective equipment and resist exposure to infectious patients during a pandemic by remotely communicating
  • Provide real-time support and diagnoses for complex exams or remote staff training

Case study – Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, Dr. Michael Ruma


Watch how Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH, FACOG  uses Collaboration Live to enable tele-medicine in ultrasound, transforming the delivery of healthcare at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

Case studies - Extending cardiology expertise, Caen University Hospital Center, France, Dr. Eric Saloux

Extending cardiology expertise across departments

Collaboration Live access to your team video

Collaboration Live enables access to care via tele-medicine with ultrasound, facilitating remote consultations between the cardiology and cardiac surgery departments within a hospital, transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Extending cardiology expertise across hospitals

Collaboration Live access to your team video

Collaboration Live enables access to care via tele-medicine with ultrasound, facilitating remote consultations between cardiology departments at different hospitals, transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Real world Radiology experiences

Collaboration Live uses in Radiology

Collaboration Live support video
Collaboration Live support video



1 Based on responses from 12 participants

2 Based on responses from 107 participants


*Accessible via compatible clients including iOS, Android, Chrome web browser and Windows with release 9.0 or higher.

**Collaboration Live requires VM 7.0.5 or higher. Remote diagnostic use requires VM 9.0 or higher.

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