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Introducing Operational Intelligence


Operational Intelligence is the partnership of continually synchronized people, processes and technology. This operating model turns the current trend to think and prioritize technology first, on its head by combining three critical components to create and deliver a healthcare organization’s products and services to result in profitability and growth.


What began as an idea about how a hospital system and a technology provider could better work together has become a powerful new way of working for hundreds of Philips and healthcare professionals. 


Read why Operational Intelligence is a mindset and methodology for accelerated operations excellence. 


Read why Operational Intelligence is a mindset and methodology for accelerated operations excellence.

Service solutions that help you

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Philips is your partner committed to help improve your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), including clinical, operational, ­financial and patient/staff satisfaction goals. Enterprise-wide operational excellence is our ultimate goal.


Our global footprint helps to empower you with access to meaningful innovation, deep clinical expertise, and data analytics for personalized, actionable insights. This in combination with wide variety of excellent services covering every step of your operations.


Tell us where we can help and we will tailor our services to deliver the solution that meets your needs. With outstanding delivery of services with focus on exceptional experience, we help you achieve your goals.

A comprehensive portfolio of our services

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Plan and Design

"Help me understand what I need to do and why"

Planning services


We can help you achieve your strategic objectives and assist in making decisions that impact your department, hospital or facility. We can assist in assessing equipment needs, model new clinical services, improve patient and staff satisfaction, design your facility and be your partner for help with ­financial services and managed services.

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Implement and Integrate

“Help me and my organization get up and running with something new”

Implementation services


Our portfolio of Implementation Services helps you deploy new technology in a sustainable fashion, with minimum impact. Services range from project management, installation, IT integration, interoperability, application training and educational services.

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Monitor and Optimize

“Help me perform over time and continuously improve”

Optimization services


We can help you increase process efficiency and achieve continuous operational improvement. Our team provides data analytics and performance improvement services to help increase processes efficiency, optimize your technology and staff utilization, and provide interim leadership. Collaboratively, we help optimize your department, hospital, or enterprise.

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Prevent and Maintain

“Help me prevent and react when something goes wrong”

Maintenance services


Our portfolio of Maintenance Services is dedicated to maximizing your technology uptime. In addition to repair services, we offer remote equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance. We manage the labor and parts, for both Philips and non–Philips equipment. We also train and educate your own biomed staff.

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Upgrade and Secure

“Help me stay current and secure”

Upgrading services


Our portfolio of Upgrading Services assures that your technology is always current, secure and up-to-date for your speci­fic situation. Services include software maintenance services, cyber security services, trade-in services and fi­nancial models to provide you with access to the latest technology across the lifecycle in a sustainable way.

Enabling technologies for services


A variation of proactive, predictive, and supporting technologies are at your disposal to support your selected service(s). These technologies and tools aim to enable you to have more effective workflows, provide transparency of data, schedules, activities and more.

Customer stories

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Healthcare Consulting


Our consultants help hospitals and healthcare systems improve value to patients by creating exceptional environments and achieving meaningful and sustainable improvements.

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