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Diagnostic and clinical informatics

Integrated diagnostic solutions for better patient care

Don’t let data and capabilities that are fragmented and siloed keep you from your mission of delivering timely, meaningful care. Discover solutions that aid you in the fast, accurate diagnoses that are crucial to your patients while also providing a more satisfying way of working for your people.
When it comes to healthcare informatics, you need a partner who understands not only IT, but also the many nuances of effective care delivery. Data access is the bedrock of quality care. Let us help you make the leap to fully integrated solutions so that you can take diagnostics to another level.

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What can the right partner do for you and your healthcare organization to help you enhance care for every patient? 

For a healthcare organization to run like clockwork, every cog must be truly connected, so that individual care teams can work together as one. Sharing data leads to shared decisions. Those more informed decisions move us all towards a shared goal. To be truly connected, we must integrate IT solutions and infrastructures to help provide enhanced care throughout each patient’s journey. Our informatics solutions unite your team, technology and patient care.

Access to records

Have access to the complete patient record whenever and wherever needed

A complete radiology workflow with embedded reporting and advanced applications for diagnostic outcomes to eliminate time-consuming manual data searches. A single source of imaging information used to create the Imaging Health Record.

Clinical findings

Turn clinical findings into a decisive actionable plan

You need a complete overview of your patient’s cardiovascular history. By seeing the past as well as the now, you can make faster, more informed decisions. Make the leap to integrated cardiology solutions that take sharing data and clinical decision-making to another level.

Early detection

Revealing timely, actionable insights for precision cancer care

Our oncology informatics solutions enable generation, interpretation, and integration of the right insights at the right time across specialties, delivering insights directly to oncology care teams.

Data insights

Unify data, unlock actionable insights

Empower your staff to improve operational outcomes and reduce costs, in real time. Philips PerformanceBridge provides access to aggregate data and AI generated best-case scenarios, predictive budgeting, staffing mix/modelling, and right-size fleet projections.

Key capabilities

  • Integrated Diagnostics

    lluminate a new path to precision care. Unleash the power of fully integrated solutions. Discover our user-friendly, clinically proven portfolio of integrated diagnostic informatics solutions.

  • Echocardiography

    Philips Echocardiography is committed to healthcare providers improve quality of care in cardiology by accelerating clinical efficiency. Its value proposition is supported by innovations that streamline echocardiography workflows from the time referring physicians place an order to the time findings are shared.

  • Philips Healthcare for clarity on the cancer care journey

    Philips helps bring more clarity at every moment of cancer care through streamlined multidisciplinary workflows and integrated patient data. See how.

  • Cardiac imaging

    Our cardiac imaging solutions provide excellent image quality and streamlined analysis, reporting and insights for a more confident diagnosis.

  • Philips radiology workflow solutions

    See how Philips's portfolio of integrated radiology workflow solutions helps you to connect workflows to improve outcomes and enhance efficiency in your radiology department.

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