Installed Product details page will give you access to the following information:


Installed Product number

Philips internal asset number


Product Name

Philips description of the product



Group of products such as US – Ultrasound, CT – Computer Tomography



Product number


Serial Number

Serial number* of the Installed Product


Tech ID

Philips internal technical ID



Unique Device Identifier


Customer Inventory Number

Customized Installed Product number entered by a CS Portal user with the ‘Update Installed Product Information’ authorization.


Custom IP Name

Customized Installed Product name entered by a CS Portal user with the ‘Update Installed Product Information’ authorization.



Maintain Room/Department name or number where the product is located that was entered by a CS Portal user with the ‘Update Installed Product Information’ authorization.


Data Installed

Installation date as per Philips install base records


System End of Life

System End of Life** shows End of Life date of the Installed Product. After this date Philips no longer guarantee the full support of the product.


System End of Service

System End of Service** shows End of Support date on the Installed Product. After this date all service activities will be stopped.



Calendar with planned visits for the current month for a given Installed Product. When clicking on ’Go To Calendar’ button you will be directed to Calendar page where you can find more information about planned visits in the other months for that Installed Product.


Primary FSE (Technician), secondary FSE (Technician), tertiary FSE (Technician)

Name of Engineer, Technician** assigned to a given Installed Product.



Provide information if Installed Product is covered by Contract/Warranty.


SLCP indicator

Shows if this is software or hardware.

Related Items:


Request Support

You can request Technical or Clinical Support** and other services directly from this page for this specific Installed Product.


Add/Change IP Detail

Allows user to provide their internal Installed Product Number, Installed Product Name and Room/Department** (if you have ‘Update Installed Product Information’ authorization assigned).


Generate EOL Mail

Once clicking on this button you will receive EOL mail** with information about System End of Life date for this individual Installed Product.

Moreover, you may also see the following tabs:



Cases list associated with this particular Installed Product.



If this product has a contract, this tab will be active, and from here you can navigate to the contract details page.



If this product has a warranty, this tab will be active, and from here you can navigate to the warranty details page.



Documents relating to this Installed Products such as:

  • Customer Service Reports (CSR) / Action Notification Report (ANR) - Engineer’s summary of the service performed.
  • Test and Inspection Results - Predicitive Maintenance specific report based on the feedback from the engineer.
  • Quotes

By default, you will see documents created within 60 days. You can always change the filter criteria by clicking Adjust display criteria button.


Special Interest Items

This tab shows ultrasound transducers, if applicable.



Software License Controlled Product details information.


Depending on the country some of the above documents may not be visible in the Portal.

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