Information management Security

The need for clinical system and medical device security

Enterprise deployments of clinical systems and medical devices raise security challenges  


Today, many medical devices are designed like specialized computers. Add directives such as Meaningful Use and the desire of clinicians to access patient data from a variety of devices and locations, and it is no surprise that medical devices are occupying an increasing number of nodes on the typical healthcare IT network.

As the requirements to ensure patient safety, provide clinicians with convenient access to information and images, and provide medical device security converge, healthcare IT professionals are facing new challenges.

Questions include:

  1. How do we ensure medical device security as care providers access patient information and images on a wide range of devices -- including mobile devices?
  2. What are the most likely sources of cyberattacks and highest risks to data – and how do we protect against them?
  3. How can we meet our goals to drive down operational costs by minimizing “one-offs” in our enterprise architecture when interfacing with regulated medical devices?
  4. With varied adoption of security best practices by manufacturers, how can we evaluate our device and system providers and determine where they stand?
  5. Effectiveness and data and system security for our networked medical devices, as indicated in IEC 80001-1?


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