Speeding STEMI care  from

first contact to treatment

During an acute STEMI event, seconds count. The earlier you can identify the onset of STEMI, the sooner you can make informed clinical decisions and deliver treatment.

Will it be clot-busting thrombolytics, or PCI in the cath lab? Sending a 12-lead ECG transmission from the field to multiple locations within the hospital can help corroborate an initial diagnosis and alert appropriate personnel.

Our innovative STEMI solutions can help you streamline workflow and enhance patient care.


The opportunity

Start the clock earlier  

First responders can deliver critical STEMI patient information to wherever it’s needed – the ED, cardiographers, monitors, or the cath lab - helping to quickly corroborate an initial diagnosis and alert appropriate personnel.
The opportunity

Turn data into action

Quality data is required to efficiently mobilize resources and prepare proper treatment. STEMI clinical decision support tools aid in rapid triage to help you drive a successful protocol.

The opportunity

Deliver clinical excellence

Predictive software solutions, intuitive displays, and smart alarms that can help clinicians implement therapy earlier. Interventional tools enhance visualization for diagnostic clinical confidence in PCI procedures.

Learn more about how our STEMI solutions can help you meet high standards of patient care.

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