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Philips Sparq ultrasound machine delivers by providing a new ultrasound experience. It makes using ultrasound to guide procedures simple, so you can work fast and with ease, giving you more time to focus on your patients.


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    A uniquely simplified

    A uniquely simplified ultrasound system

    The Sparq ultrasound system features Simplicity Mode, a one-touch solution that presents only the controls you use most often.
    Easy to Learn || KBA1

    Philips Sparq is Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

    To make scanning easy, Sparq features the Simplicity mode, a one-touch solution that presents only the Ultrasound functions you use often.
    Ergonomic design || Environmental fit

    Ergonomic design for ease of use in challenging environments

    Sparq is height-adjustable, has a small footprint and features a large 17-inch monitor on an articulating arm. This makes it easy to position even in the most challenging clinical environments. Easy clip, our innovative cable management solution, keeps cables tangle free. You can use the optional barcode scanner to obtain patient information from your hospital-generated barcode, accelerating efficiency and decreasing data entry errors.
    Needle Visualization || KBA1

    Needle Visualization for easy procedure guidance

    Sparq is designed with a dynamic interface that eliminates knobs or buttons. To decrease interaction with system controls, AutoSCAN automatically identifies tissue type and continuously adjusts image gain while scanning.
    Needle Guidance Technology || KBA1

    Needle Visualization for easy procedure guidance

    Sparq features needle guidance technology that improves needle guidance. Needle Visualization enhances the presentation of the needle without degrading the image, facilitating quick needle guidance to the target anatomy.
    Sealed control panel || Clinical Excellence

    Sealed control panel enables easy cleaning

    Sparq features a sealed, easy-to-clean, tempered glass control panel that enables easy cleaning.
    Battery operation

    Battery operation saves critical time

    Battery operation and 'instant on' features facilitate rapid assessment when time is crucial. You can perform multiple exams without system shut down.
    Centerline and gridline || KBA1

    Centerline and gridline for out of plane procedures

    To make it easy to conduct out-of-place procedures, Philips L12-4 and C6-2 transducers have a centerline mark that corresponds to a centerline on the image. The system also features an on screen gridline display that provides a visual target and distance estimation. Depth markers provide rapid information about image depth, with no need to perform a specific measurement.
    Abundant clinical applications || Clinical Excellence

    Abundant clinical applications for Regional Anesthesia needs

    With a broad set of transducers and features, Sparq supports an array of clinical applications and produces outstanding image quality on a variety of patients with a wide range of body habitus. Supported applications include: Nerve, Spine, MSK, Superficial, Vascular Access, Lung, Cardiac, and TEE.
    SonoCT and XRES || Clinical Excellence

    SonoCT and XRES improves image quality and reduces noise

    Compounding multiple angles in real time, SonoCT delivers one image with high image quality. SonoCT significantly reduces many of the artifacts that are inherent in conventional ultrasound, and XRES creates images virtually free from noise, with stunning image quality and border definition.
    Multiport adapter || KBA1

    Multiport adapter for easily switching transducers

    Sparq features a Multiport adapter that allows up to three imaging transducers to be connected to the system at once, so you can easily switch transducers mid-exam.
    Process provides like-new condition || KBA1

    Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

    Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.


    System dimensions
    System dimensions
    • 53,3 cm
    • 82,6 cm
    • 63,5 cm
    • 66,2 kg
    Control panel
    Control panel
    Monitor size
    • 43,2 cm
    Height adjustment
    • 111-82,6 cm

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