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Image-guided therapy Circular Edition systems  


Discover sustainable, high-quality systems offering 25% average savings compared to similar new Philips systems

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Image-guided therapy Circular Edition systems

Philips IGT Circular Edition systems support you in a wide variety of clinical applications. Each Circular Edition system is carefully selected and undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to ensure quality and performance as good as new. And you receive the same warranty, support and training as with any new Philips system. Circular Edition systems are custom-configured to meet your facility’s needs and come with the latest available software. Thanks to the re-use of materials, Circular Edition systems help reduce the need to extract virgin materials. Circular Edition systems are a cost-effective and sustainable solution that is as good as new, giving you the full Philips experience at a more affordable price.

More value for money thumb

More value for money

As pressure on healthcare spending increases, it is a cost-effective solution that offers a better return on investment, with average prices 25% lower1 compared to new.

Same as new thumb

As good as new

Circular Edition systems are custom configurable and come with the same high quality, support and warranty as any new Philips system.

A sustainable solution thumb

A sustainable solution

Reusing 79% average2 weight of returned systems, Circular Edition systems reduce the need to extract virgin materials and empower a circular economy.

Philips circular processes

Only Philips systems that meet specific requirements are considered for refurbishment. Every system undergoes a rigorous and high-standard OEM refurbishment process, in which obsolete or defective parts are replaced with original Philips components. Systems are custom-configurable and come with the latest available software to meet your facility’s needs. With the same warranty, support and training as any new Philips system, Circular Edition offers a sustainable solution that is as good as new.

Philips circular processes in seven steps

Not available in all markets. Please contact your local Philips representatives for further details.


1. Average cost savings compared to the purchase price of a similar new Philips system. Pricing depends on modality, product type, configuration, and other factors.

2. Based on the average weight re-use percentage per system for Philips MR, CT, MoS & IGT Circular Edition systems in 2023. Results may vary based on amount, mix and age of returned systems.

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