Connecting care

Connecting care  in the
hospital and beyond

“As a CIO, what I worry about is how do I take technology and use it to be able to provide better healthcare with less resources, so that we can help reduce the cost, but increase the quality of healthcare.”


Bert Reese
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Sentara Healthcare, Norfolk, VA

The opportunity

The opportunity 

The process of transforming a healthcare enterprise that has built its infrastructure — and allocated its resources — as a traditional hospital or outpatient setting is an evolution, not a revolution. By investing in clinical technology that can coordinate and connect care wherever it is delivered, health systems can ease the transition from volume- to value-based care.
The opportunity

The challenge

Health systems everywhere are reevaluating traditional business and care delivery models to address the shift by payers from fee for service to value-based reimbursements for services. Helping facilitate change is the adoption of electronic health records, which is enabling the availability of data needed to measure quality of care. Yet these technology platforms must do much more than generate data – they need to share information in ways that allow for higher quality, lower cost care for more patients.
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