Telehealth-enabled care delivery

Realizing the Triple Aim  through telehealth-enabled care delivery

“We have never been more convinced of the power of telehealth to improve patient access and outcomes, and reduce cost.”


Lynn Britton
President and CEO
Mercy, St. Louis, Missouri

The days of ensuring a health system’s financial well-being by filling beds, offering more services and focusing only on care within the hospital walls are over. Current market dynamics and payment reform are calling for completely different approaches to healthcare management. In the era of the Triple Aim, the ability to improve the patient care experience and population health, while reducing per capita costs, will determine who thrives in this new environment.

Faced with the goal of transforming into a health system capable of continual improvement on all three fronts, what’s the best approach for starting and sustaining a balanced pursuit of the Triple Aim? More and more, providers are successfully implementing an enterprise telehealth-based model that enables care coordination and improves resource utilization across the health continuum.  

Enterprise telehealth helps improve outcomes, decreases costs and broadens access to affordable, quality care for populations of patients in the hospital and in the home.


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