Radiology patient experience

Designing a satisfying, patient centric experience

A patient’s experience is broader than just the clinical aspects of care. Every touchpoint offers healthcare providers an opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service, personalize care, and to differentiate from competition. Make no mistake – patients take notice.


Radiologists are being called upon to play a larger role in this evolution of customer service culture – before, during, and after the exam. Through clinical collaboration, by providing flexibility in scheduling, and by communicating confident exam results, radiologists can contribute to the overall patient experience at a critical point in the patient journey.


Support for ‘personalized’ radiology through the design of a quality patient experience requires the application of innovative concepts – some driven through improved operational efficiency, others by departmental design.


Are you positioned to deliver a remarkable patient experience, by providing an environment and a team designed around the patient?

Georgia Regents Medical Center

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