Radiology Diagnosis

The right test at the right time 
for a diagnostic confidence

Having diagnostic confidence has always been your goal. With today’s value-based reimbursement structures and demand for improved clinical outcomes, it’s increasingly becoming a necessity. Each step of the diagnostic process should be both and provide quality actionable results. To help this, we provide:


  • A seamless portal into all the relevant data, so you can access the information you need at the right time
  • Tools to collaborate with your referral network and simplify the process for defining the appropriate imaging and protocol
  • Integrated reading room software platforms for easy consultation and advanced visualization platforms to view multimodality images across the full continuum of care
  • Advanced imaging systems allowing you to reach a confident diagnosis in a short amount of time through exceptional soft tissue contrast
  • Peer networks and ongoing education to help you refine your skills and learn the latest techniques


Learn how our radiology solutions can help you reach clinical diagnoses efficiently and with confidence.

“By using Philips’ advanced imaging techniques like 3D, MIP, and MPR, we can easily bring up images and manipulate them to fine-tune our diagnoses. We get a better idea of the extent of the disease and can make better recommendations to the clinician about what’s going on.”


Dr. D’Arcy Little
MD, CCFP, FRCP, Radiologist, Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hos error-500